Look what arrive from New Zealand

NZLettersToday a huge parcel of letters arrived from the New Zealand Brownies after our TDOTA contact. How wonderful and what a nice surprise.
This is what Guides and Scouts are all about, developing links and understanding between people.
Makes you feel great to be part of such wonderful organizations.


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QSO with Brazilian Scouts



Hot on the heels of our New Zealand adventure we were invited to participate with a group of Brazilian Scouts on their Echolink reflector. The net controller did a wonderful job of translating from English to Portuguese. Although we have been warned, in a very friendly way, that when we next make contact they will be expecting to hear a few Portuguese words from Scotland!!! Language lessons on the cards.

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TDOTA 2016

Our TDOTA operations this year have been restricted to using Echolink due to the illness of most of the operating team.
There has been a particularly bad respiratory ‘ bug’  circulating in the local community and unfortunately the radio team was not immune.

We had organised  an Echolink sked with a Guide group in New Zealand and decided to carry-on with it, after all both sets of operators had carried out tests on the link over the previous three weeks and we were not going to let a little ‘bug’ beat us !!!
However there were still a lot of crossed fingers on the day. Our apprehension was unfounded and the link was made without any problems.

All this was soon forgotten when we made contact with  ZL1SA and spoke with 21 brownies, 2 young leaders & a guider from their camp at Pukekohe in New Zealand.
We had a great time passing and taking greetings messages. We were also joined on the air by Liz Jones M0ACL the UK coordinator who contributed to the conversation.

Here are some photographs of the participants.


The New Zealand Team


The Scottish Team




The Pukekohe Brownies


Talking with Scotland



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Beaver Scout Radio Activity Pack


To reflect the recent changes to many of the Association’s badges we have developed a new Beaver Scout Radio Activity Pack.

This Pack incorporates workbooks covering the Explore and Communicator Activity Badges and the Personal Challenge Award.

The Pack can be downloaded from the Badge Work  section of this Website.

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